At Zesty, we believe that skincare should not only be effective and skin-friendly but also a beacon for environmental responsibility. Our approach is rooted in the harmony of advanced science, natural ingredients, and a deep respect for our planet.

Research and development 

Creating a Better, Greener Future - We offer a big selection of 600 different ingredients. Most of these are organic and come from farms that take good care of the earth. We are committed to both high quality and protecting the environment. We carefully check each ingredient to make sure it works well and is pure, so we can offer the best to our customers.


Our manufacturing sites are really good at making things in a way that's kind to the environment. They have a special certificate (ISO22716:2007) which shows we're serious about making great products. We use modern machines from Switzerland to make products that feel nice. Plus, everything we do is eco-friendly, meaning we care about not harming the planet. We even use energy that comes from completely renewable sources, like wind or solar power.


Setting an Example with Environment-Friendly Packaging - We show how much we care about our planet with packaging that can be 100% recycled. This helps keep our future green and sustainable. Most of our packaging, 88% of it, is made from recycled cardboard, combining our care for the environment with a stylish look.