Our Promise: A Zest for Change 

Improve your look and help people around the world with Zesty. When you buy something, we give 5% of what we earn to The Kaleidoscope Trust, which helps LGBTQ+ people everywhere. We're open about how your shopping helps create change and support everyone's uniqueness. Be a part of this important work with us.

Kaleidoscope Trust

The Kaleidoscope Trust is like a superhero for people who are treated unfairly just because of who they are. When you buy something from us, you're also helping this amazing group. Some of the money from your purchase goes to them. They use it to speak up for LGBTQ+ people, teach others about fairness, and give direct help in areas where LGBTQ+ people are in the most danger.

Kaleidoscope Trust

Join us in Making an Impact​

Come be a part of our journey towards improvement and openness. When you buy something from us, you're making a difference in the world. We promise to tell you true stories from Kaleidoscope Trust, which shows how important different kinds of people are. You're a big part of this hopeful journey where we all take responsibility.