About Us

Compassionate Beauty for All

Zesty is all about creating skincare products that stand for love, fairness, and being kind to everyone. We invite you to be part of our exciting journey in changing how skincare works. With Zesty, each item we make shows our commitment to these important values. Come and be a part of this change with us!

Our Essence

Pure & Ethical

Our items are created using top-quality natural stuff, and we take great care to look after nature and to make sure we get our materials in a fair way. Everything we make at Zesty has a bit of the fresh and lovely nature you find in Northern Europe.

Our Impact

Empowerment in Every Product

At Zesty, you're helping a good cause. We support the LGBTQ+ community by giving 5% of our money we make to charities that help make a difference and share kindness. When you choose Zesty, you're doing more than buying something; you're helping to make things better! We're really happy to support the LGBTQ+ community by donating 5% of our earnings to charities that are creating a positive change.

See the Change

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Skincare with Purpose

Your choice is really good and helps you feel better about yourself. It also supports LGBTQ+ rights around the world and helps the Kaleidoscope Trust with every item you buy.

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